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Stay Strong

Taking action can be scary, liberating, easy, dangerous, fulfilling, boring and most often in this modern world, essential.

In it's many forms the gist is being able to speak up for what you need and being willing to speak up for the rights of those who have less capacity to speak up for their rights than you. 

It can look like this;

“Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it.” Howard Zin.

And this;

“For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change. Racism and homophobia are real conditions of all our lives in this place and time. I urge each one of us here to reach down into that deep place of knowledge inside herself and touch that terror and loathing of any difference that lives here. See whose face it wears. Then the personal as the political can begin to illuminate all our choices.”

Audre Lorde.

Many people, including me believe that taking action to callout injustice is a core responsibility for each of us. Even if we do not benefit directly, we gain in knowing that we contributed to making our communities better places for everyone.


Mahatma Gandhi puts it like this;
“It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that’s important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there’ll be any fruit. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.”

It can be hard to manage the demands and costs of speaking out, we can be dismissed in public and by the manistream media. We can lose friends and alienate family. We all get exhausted both physically, mentally and emotionally at some point.

This is where I operate these days, supporting you to stay active while creating the space you need to recover and repair from the wear and tear of being an activist. I can't guarantee that my support will be useful for you and your cause. And yet I'm confident that if you ever feel drained by the actions you take in speaking up for human rights and global justice, I can offer you space to find your way back to you.

When I get lost, this comes in handy;
"Even a wounded world holds us, giving us moments of wonder and joy. I choose joy over despair. Not because I have my head in the sand, but because joy is what the Earth gives me daily and I must return the gift."

Robin Wall Kimmerer.

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Finding my way


Somatic wisdom
takes action

Your silence will not protect you. If I didn't define myself for myself,

I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.


I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.

Audre Lorde

your art
is not about how many people
like your work
your art
is about
if your heart likes your work
if your soul likes your work
it's about how honest
you are with yourself
and you
must never
trade honesty
for relatability

― Rupi Kaur


Pic credit; Rudi and Julia of the dance company Humanhood.
See more of them

My favourite dance company and

worth seeing when ever you can. 

Much more than just dance.

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