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Pic credit. Rudi and Julia of the Humanhood dance company.


Our bodies are continuously seeking information from the environment around us, storing this information and then using it to respond to what ever situation we may find ourselves in.


The word somatic relates to our bodies.

Learning to become aware of what is going in our bodies creates

what I call embodied somatic self awareness. 


People with a sense of their own embodied somatic self awareness manage to stay grounded in difficult situations, can self regulate strong emotions... becoming emotionally available... for themselves... and others.

One of the founders of the somatic coaching approach describes

embodied somatic self awareness as follows...

"It produces a choice which allows us to play a lively part in the

forming and shaping of our life."

(Richard Strozi-Heckler).

As a somatic coach my role is to support you to notice your feelings

and then allow them space to offer you information.


Feelings are so often repressed in our modern cultures and many of us are scared of noticing and expressing how we feel, to the extent that we can ignore what is

going on inside us... becoming stressed and emotionally numb.

As a young rationalist I believed that I could think my way through

any problem, technical or emotional.

From my lived experience and my training I understand that

working with our bodies and our feelings contained there,

we can become fully aware of our self and our potential to live well. 

Another few lines from Richard S.H.

"Feeling is a deep biological inheritance that tells us what we care about and how to generate care.
Feeling informs us of what we are willing to fight for, whom we can trust,

and when we must protect ourselves.

Feeling manifests love into a felt, lived experience.

To move from the thinking self to the feeling self is a fundamental principle

in somatic coaching."

For many of us... including me sometimes... our bodies can be places of

shame and fear... our feelings can be experienced as unpredictable and painful...

and increasing our self awareness can seem like a long journey.

The way I work aims to make this journey as easy as possible.

My role and my skills involve creating a space where you can spend some time

gently working through what it is that bothers you

 and what prevents you from living well.


From there we stay focussed on the here and now and how being present

with what is... rather than what was...

may lead us towards new ways of relating to self and others.

My somatic coaching does not involve strenuous exercise... getting undressed... or physical discomfort.

If you would like to find out more for yourself this has been my own

go to reading list over the last few years...

and you can also book a free consultation call with me and

ask any questions you may have.

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