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Spending most of my life in intimate relationship with people I love and care about... I have learned a lot about the relationships we make and break.

Since my teens I have had a creative curiousity around ideas, philosophies and paradigms that challenge the status quo and offer more imaginative ways to manage our relationships with self... other... and other within self.

This curiousity has led me down paths less travelled and bumped me into people who have shared my desire for paradigm shifts that offer co-creative ways to co-exist and thrive.

My current curiousity revolves around embodied self awareness and I aim to tap into this as often as I can.

I am at a stage of my life where I recognise that I am an elder... or at least an older... noticing the changes in the ways my energy moves and plays.

This has opened up new possibilities for me and shifted my perspectives on how I contribute to my loved ones and wider communities.

As a male in this modern world... I am working towards finding those conversations that open up opportunities for new ways to develop as a human... as a male... as an elder.

Investigating my relationship with my masculinity brings me into close connection with my femininity... considering the porous boundaries between these two states of being... I have been playing around the ideas of femiliminality and masculiminality... how can we celebrate both the differences... the spaces in between... and the common base that we might all grow from.

The impact of embodied self awareness demands a kind of honesty that cancels out those culturally conditioned responses... linking me back to deeper more ancient voices... and within these the issues are not around gender... race... age... rather new/old possibilites... re-pairing... rupturing... re-membering me and all my others.

If any of this ramble of mine... resonates with you... and you wish to make connection... feel free to drop me a line or give me a call... I am always keen to find others who are looking for... and working towards new vistas... within and beyond the unknown.