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This is Me

Hi, upfront, I feel a tension within me while writing anything thats purports to be; About Me!

So, taking a moment to acknowledge and manage this tension, I recognise that sharing stuff here on my website requires some info around how I got be here, sitting at my table and typing these words reaching out to connect and share with others. 

Growing up in a working class city in North West England in the 60’s and 70’s  my options in my mid teens didn’t look that attractive to me. 

I had already noticed that the expectations and limits that were imposed on my older sister were much heavier that any I had from parents, teachers and others. 


Trying to work out why she was so pressured to be a certain way, while I had less pressure, I asked questions that the adults around me seemed to be uncomfortable with. 

I quickly realised it wasn’t only young women that had fewer rights and agency than young men.

People of colour in my community, and poor people, were also demeaned and reduced systemically, and my curiousity and sense of justice drew me towards imagining communities where these inequalities and injustices we’re not considered to be normal or “just the way it is.”


I found plenty of fun and distraction in my early work experience as I got better at finding others, like me, who were creating work spaces that didn’t follow what had been, for many decades and more, the way things are. 


The fun and distraction got me through that transition from adolescence to adulthood, and by then I was building my own communities and working with people I admired, respected’  and felt a real sense of shared understanding with. 


As my own children were born in the 80’s and 90’s, it was easy to see that there were many people around the world calling out the injustices and inequalities of the dominant capitalist, patriarchal, colonial paradigms. 


Now, many years later, I still find hope in finding new ways to understand how we might arrange ourselves in communities and move beyond the conditioned responses to sharing resources and finding opportunities for living well. 


Reading this back, I’m not sure if this about me, maybe it’s about this planet and the ways that each new species shows up, expands, struggles with resource management and waste disposal, and either adapts or disappears.


Now I’m feeling that… both and… is showing up. I am a product of my specific species, these particular times, and this universal spinning creative energetic physical material and metaphysical situation.

In terms of the CV Linked In type of about, this? 


1972 - 1993

Worked in the fashion industry. Feeling held, supported and encouraged to express myself creatively by so many great teachers and mentors, this helped me learn about the ways we each find and develop our sense of identity and make connections to others who share our understanding of life. 


1993 - 2003 

Studied Environmental Science at Newcastle Uni and followed that with time working in Bangladesh, Greece, and research labs in the uni. 
This was also my own mid life crisis time, and I took some time out in the physical, emotional and spiritual wilderness to recover and re-pair. 


2003 - 2019

Worked with co-ops, collectives, charities and third sector groups learning how to develop and offer facilitation and coaching skills.


Trained with the Somatic school in London and developed my own approach to offering creative ways that lead towards being comfortable with ourselves and others, while maintaining our strength and capacity to protest injustice and create inclusive, respect based alternatives to inequality, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and racism.


State pension kicked in.


2022 - now… continuing to offer support to individuals and groups who are working towards better futures for all life in it’s many diverse expressions on this wonderful planet.

Interspersed with moments of self doubt, fun and distraction.   

Tao te Ching taoism

bell hooks

"Masses of people think that feminism is always and only about women seeking to be equal to men.
Their misunderstanding of feminist politics reflects the reality that most folks learn about feminism from patriarchal mass media."

Thanks bell, you helped me understand what feminism can be and what love can do. M.T.

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