Hi my name is Mark. 

I live in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

My interests include human behaviour, psychology, community development, environmentalism, Yoga and Taoism.

I have always had an inquisitive mind and a taste for the more abstract, metaphysical fringes of life, art, music and ideas. This has driven my tendency to enquire and learn and has led me down the road less travelled too.

The consistent things in my life  are my family and my faith in humans to grow and develop.

Partly by design, partly by luck, I have always worked doing what I love and get pleasure from.

And often people paid me to do that. 

There are skills I have developed as a result of fortuitously bumping into some talented and generous people.

Working with others who are talented and kind helps me develop and want to share the skills I learned. 


My core belief that life is best when lived with awareness, filled with a love... of nature, ourselves and each other. 








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