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This is Me

Hi, I live in Clerkenwell, London. I love the hustle and bustle of this amazing city while appreciating the greenery and the laid back vibes within the beautiful Georgian square

where my home is.

I am about finding ways we can, as individuals and communities, create relationships with all of the living and non living resources and experiences that this beautiful planet offers us humans.


I am about relationships and experiences that create more than the sum of their parts, and are meaningful and fulfilling.

My own experience of creating relationships with the trees in the square opposite my home, with the wood from the trees that make up the floor beneath my feet, with the tech that enables me to write these words and share them with you, and, most of all, with all the people who have trusted me to know them and learn from them, gives me confidence that we humans are capable of organising richer communities than we currently do.

Richer to the the extent that they encourage a sense of connection, curiosity and infinite possibility for us here now, and for all those yet to come.

On some deep level, I feel that the shifts in perspective that are required now in order to leave behind the destructive and limiting agreement contracts that are imposed upon us, begins with reconnecting with our somatic, internal, sensual and spiritual understandings of what it means to be alive.

So rather than looking for someone or something new, we may be aligning with someone or something ancient, maybe even timeless, wisdoms that we may never have accessed in a cognitive sense, but have always known on a cellular, energetic level.

When I notice the current options that tend to be offered, and are mostly forced upon the mass of humanity by such a small number of humans, it seems that inequality and dominance behaviours lead only to our indivdual and communal disconnect.
However, I am less invested in identifying what is wrong and what we might exclude or demonise, and more inclined to focus my energy on what we have already but have lost touch with. 

I do not think we are short of solutions to the global tensions we witness around us, rather, I feel we have lost faith and trust in the wisdom of nature to operate in generative, generous, intradependent collaborations that produce imaginative, creative and beautiful flows towards emerging and becoming.


This somatic emerging and becoming is where I move towards, beyond the wordy, intellectual, academic observations, towards a more rugged, earthy, watery, breezy, tactile, flowing dance that encourages love, light and life.

I'm not sure any of this helps you understand what I offer or why I offer at all, but I am choosing to trust that something here resonates with you enough to reach out and investigate how my skills and your desire for finding your self, your thisness, your unique and precious birth given gifts, can collborate, within a shared spirit of openess and curiousity.

My training as a facilitator, coach and somatic practitioner has been ongoing for several decades and whatever shows up in the sessions I hold space for, always creates some useful information that helps open up a wider range of options and directions.


From there, making conscious decisions becomes easier and embedded within our behaviour.

That all sounds like a big promise, and I promise that when I am working with you, or anyone, I get it wrong sometimes... I also promise that you will find that your most valuable insights may well show up from within those moments when I get it wrong.

Is being brave enough to get it wrong at the source of all real change?

I hold the words maybe and I don't know, as really precious in these times of fixed certainties.

So, as a trained, qualified, experienced listener, give me a nudge if you would like to experiment with and navigate through new ways of understanding, engaging with and considering relationships that step outside of what we have been taught and culturally conditioned to believe are the only games in town.

Trusting you might find your way beyond the limits of our times, and bump into practices that call you with the most integrity.

I wish you well in finding your thisness, best wishes, Mark.


Pisces. Year of the Monkey (metal).
BSc (Hons in soils) Environmental Science Newcastle University. 1996.

My most recent training was with;
Bayo Akomolafe, The Emergence Network online. 2023.
Masha Bennett Sand tray therapy in person, Glossop. 2023.
Gabor Mate Addiction, stress and childhood development online. 2022.
The Somatic School  ICF accredited Somatic Coach Diploma. London. 2021

Tao te Ching taoism

bell hooks

"Masses of people think that feminism is always and only about women seeking to be equal to men.
Their misunderstanding of feminist politics reflects the reality that most folks learn about feminism from patriarchal mass media."

Thanks bell, you helped me understand what feminism can be and what love can do. M.T.

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