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Introduction To Somatic Practice

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Hi, I am offering group sessions live online around how we can incorporate somatic practices within our daily lives.

See here for details of current group sessions;

Somatic Wisdom. Somatic practice relates to our bodies and recognises that in our modern world we are inclined towards using our minds as primary sources of support and tend towards believing that we can think our way out of difficulty... pain... hurt or injury. We are also led to believe... by the dominance culture surrounding us... that our thoughts carry more weight than our feelings... and being raised as a male in this culture... I grew up being actively discouraged from trusting my feelings... being told that they were unreliable... shameful... not to be expressed... and should be worked around and ignored... rather than nurtured and shared. Many others... male and female... have equally negative life experiences around how they relate to... trust... and honour their physical bodies.

I feel there is currently a shift in the ways we consider the skills around self awareness... compassionate self expression... creativity... and tapping into our senses alongside our thoughts. And I am proud to be an active part of this shift. Having qualified as a somatic coach via an International Coaching Federation accredited course with The Somatic School in London... I want to make these somatic practice sessions as accessible as possible... for info on my pricing scale... see here;

You may have a wealth of practical experience of somatic work... little... or none... and will still be able to share and learn within these sessions. Hopefully leaving with a sense of ease... relaxed confidence... and renewed connection with your somatic wisdom.

Combining the wisdom we collect through all the senses we have available... respecting and acknowledging our minds... our bodies... and our essence or spirit... in my experience... enables us to make conscious choices around how we choose to be in loving relationship with ourselves and others.

In order to help spread and encourage this move from an academic... cerebral... mind centred approach... towards a more holistic and integrated experience of life... love... relationship... and community... I am happy to share what I have learned around somatic practices in practical and safe ways... trusting that this may encourage you to review how you organise your energy and respond with confidence... to the challenges and opportunities that your life offers you.

Feel free to say hello and check in with me if you are interested and/or would like to get involved. Meanwhile... thanks for being here... Mark.

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