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Somatic Coaching group sessions 2023

Returning Home to Your Body

Week long Somatic Wisdom and Yoga retreat


July 8th to July 15th 2023
Finca El Moro

Fuenteheridos. Seville. Spain.

We have put this retreat on hold and hope to offer again next year.


The theme of this retreat is based around Returning Home to Your Body.


WIth my daughter, Colette, we are offering this retreat with Somatic

Wisdom group sessions and Yoga classes that will support you to relax

into your body and intuition.

Colette is a qualified Integrative Yoga and Acroyoga teacher living and working in Merida, North of Seville.


During this retreat you can choose which of the Yoga and Somatic

Coaching sessions you take part in.
You can join all of the yoga, meditation and somatic wisdom sessions

on offer each day, or just a few, it’s always up to you. 


We both work with the aim of supporting you to tune into whatever shows up when you are listening to what your physical body is offering you.

This gentle, body oriented week long retreat, aims to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised, invigorated and ready to return home with

renewed confidence and peace.

Price includes all sessions, accommodation and food.

For more me.

Introduction to Somatic Coaching

I hope to offer more of these sessions following my move to London.


Donation based.

At Earthlings healing Cafe.

Tuesday 21st March 2023 6.30pm - 8pm

Book a place on the session.
The aim of these sessions is to offer a space where we can try out some simple
Somatic Coaching practices... and ask questions that may arise
from these practices.

We will also discuss the principles behind the practice of somatic coaching and these may include references to;

Poly Vagal Theory... Feldenkrais... Hakomi... Focusing... Organic Intelligence... Breath Work... Play and Improv... Voice Work... Creative self expression... Jungian and Rogerian psychology... and other modalities that make up the wide range of somatic body oriented practices and principles.


Whether you feel you would benefit from working with these practices

and would like to find out more... or you may be interested in training to become a somatic practioner... you will find something useful here.

Somatic Wisdom and Creative Living sessions.

 Next session will be shared here soon.

Each SWCL session works as a stand alone experience and lasts for 90 minutes.

Numbers for each group are limited to 12 people.

These Somatic Wisdom sessions work from a place of ease... comfort... curiosity and empathy.  

How can we make a compassionate transition from our thinking minds… towards our feeling bodies? 


In each session we start with a simple grounding practice using gentle movements incorporating qigong principles.
From there we will clear a space for ourselves using a quiet meditation.

And then noticing your felt sense… opening to whatever shows up for you.

We will then work around allowing ourselves to recognise, acknowledge and welcome the physical sensations that arrive when we offer space for them.

Under my guidance and support… we build attuned responses to the parts of us that seek expression via our body based stories…

we tap into our somatic wisdom… held within the felt senses that we build from our lived and living experience.

These sessions utilise gentle movements and you may be sitting… standing… walking… moving... lying down… during each session.

If you feel that may not be possible for you… and would still like to take part…

let me know and between us we will aim to accommodate your specific needs.

Within each session there will be an activity that you are invited to take part in… this may involve working by yourself or with others…

sharing what you notice… and offering how the activity was for you.

No one is obliged to take an active part… share… or contribute. You are always welcome to just observe and take away from the session whatever works for you.

The outcome of these sessions aims to help you develop your embodied

self awareness… and to use this practice to develop an understanding of where in your life you are seeking change… where in your life you can

focus on the skills you have already developed…and how you can build

upon the positive behaviours that serve you well.

All these sessions help you make conscious choices and changes in the ways you respond to lifes demands…with practical ways to organise your lived experience and manage your relationship with yourself and others.

Feel free to contact me if you have queries or questions about

any of my group work.


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