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I am hosting three Somatic Wisdom and Creative Living
group sessions at Shanti Bee.
South Heaton.


Thursdays August 11th... 18th... 25th.
5.30pm to 7pm.

Each session works as a stand alone experience… lasts for 90 minutes.
You are welcome to book and join just one or two.

The price for one session is £10 (inc booking fee).

You can book single tickets here;

Book Single Ticket 11th August

Book Single Ticket 18th August


Book Single Ticket August 25th

If you book three the cost is  £23 (inc fee).

If you choose this option book here;

Book Three Sessions.

Numbers for each group are limited to 10 people

If these prices are beyond your current means… get in touch

as I offer discounts to anyone on a low income. 

I never ask for proof of income.

I work on a basis of mutual trust… maximum inclusivity…

and enjoy sharing my skills with as diverse

a community as possible.

The sessions work from a place of ease... comfort... curiosity and empathy.  

How can we make a compassionate transition from our thinking minds… towards our feeling bodies? 


In each session we start with a simple grounding practice using gentle movements incorporating qigong principles.
From there we will clear a space for ourselves using a quiet meditation.

And then noticing your felt sense… opening to whatever shows up for you.

We will then work around allowing ourselves to recognise, acknowledge and welcome the physical sensations that arrive when we offer space for them.

Under my guidance and support… we build attuned responses to the parts of us that seek expression via our body based stories…

we tap into our somatic wisdom… held within the felt senses that we build from our lived and living experience.

These sessions utilise gentle movements and you may be sitting… standing… walking… moving... lying down… during each session.
If you feel that may not be possible for you… and would still like to take part…

let me know and between us we will aim to accommodate your specific needs.

Within each session there will be an activity that you are invited to take part in… this may involve working by yourself or with others…

sharing what you notice… and offering how the activity was for you.

No one is obliged to take an active part… share… or contribute.
You are always welcome to just observe and take away from the session whatever works for you.

When there are invitations to be in physical contact with another person or myself…

for instance… you may be asked to sit back to back with someone… or to place your hand on their shoulder while they close their eyes…

you always have the option to not accept that invite.

Any contact will always be gentle and minimal… and only takes place with your full consent.

The outcome of these sessions aims to help you develop your embodied self awareness… and to use this practice to develop an understanding of where in your life you are seeking change… where in your life you can focus on the skills you have already developed…and how you can build upon the positive behaviours that serve you well.

All these sessions are working towards making conscious choices and changes around creative living…with practical ways to organise your lived experience of relationship with yourself and others. 
I hope you may consider taking part in these sessions… and trust that you will gain some useful personal insights… personal growth… and comfort from doing so. 

Contact me if you have any questions or feedback.