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Offering group sessions online and in person is an integral part of

my work as a coach and facilitator. 

I have worked with groups of young people leaving university,

older people dealing with long term health conditions,

young parents and their children,

mens groups, personal growth groups... and many more.

I organise most of my group work via my Patreon page

and if you would like to find out more follow this link;

Mark This Patreon Page.

Or get in touch with me and I'll update you on my current group work. 

Recently I have been planning retreats in Spain and Portugal.

I will be delivering somatic wisdom workshops there and am working with my eldest daughter, Colette, who lives in Spain and is a yoga teacher..

Colette has been organising yoga retreats for the last two years.

Recently I worked with one of her groups offering an

introduction to somatic wisdom coaching.

We are working together on a retreat that offers somatic wisdom practice and yoga in Spain later this year.

If you feel you might like to join us get in touch and we can discuss how this works.