Hi, this page explains how I work, what I can offer and the logisitics.

As a Somatic Coach and  Creative Facilitator I work towards holistic ways of organising our experiences of being human.

I work in person when that is possible and am prepared to travel to do this.

I am also happy to work online and by phone. 

My prices range from £1000 per day for group work and from £60 per hour for individual sessions.

There are a small number of subsidised concessions available for individuals on a low income, for social enterprises, community interest groups and cooperatives.


Details and conditions available on request.

I always offer a free consultation before we decide to work together.

Pic credit; Rudi and Julia of the dance company Humanhood.
See more of them here;

My favourite dance company and worth seeing when ever you can.

Much more than just dance.