I work as a somatic coach and a creative facilitator.


Doing this work brings me a sense of purpose and gives me pleasure.

It also puts money in my bank that I enjoy spending on myself and others. 

My coaching and facilitation work started in 2007 when I trained as a facilitator with the Sirolli Institute. 

To back up what I was learning with Ernesto Sirolli I enlisted on a Coaching Academy diploma course.

These days I combine my facilitation skills with my coaching knowledge.

I incorporate both with my understanding of the body oriented approaches to helping others manage their lives.

My experience and understanding of how my mind and my body are interrelated parts of the same me management system began while I was in the womb... probably... this then got forgotten and left behind when I learned that I had to think my way through keeping others around me happy and make sure I didn't let them down. 

It seems that this is around the same time that we are taught that our bodies are unreliable.

The medicalisation of our core source of knowledge and wisdom tends towards separating us from ourselves. 

Shortly after I became a parent around the age of 25 I started to recognise that I had excluded a large source of information, understanding and compassion by separating my mind from my body and relying mostly on thinking and intellect to make sense of the world as it had been presented to me by others... family... teachers... friends... marketing people. 


I set up a business when I was 20.

By the time my daughter was born a few years later I employed several people.

Working long and hard to make sure that I earned a decent income and that all those people... customers... suppliers... staff... enjoyed our work... felt secure... confident in my ability to lead a team. 

Meanwhile I kept the business focussed on producing great outputs... generating enough money to keep us all fed... clothed... housed. 

One Friday evening as I got in from work, tired and possibly frazzled, my daughters mother looked at me and said;

"If you don't go to the yoga class at the local leisure centre tonight... I am leaving you tomorrow."

She was wise and cared about me... and our daughter... so I grumped around a bit and went along.

Walking home I felt as if I floated home and thought to myself; 

"That was probably the best 50p you will ever spend". 

That's how much a 90 minute yoga class cost in my neck of the woods in 1982.

It may well have been the best 50p I ever spent, thanks Michelle. 

My interest in practicing yoga and meditation developed through learning Taoist body work and meditation.

Which I still practice daily. 

My current interest is around Somatic Coaching and that's where my study and attention are. 

If you are interested in body oriented coaching, body centred psychology... and/or facilitation... get in touch and let's have a conversation around our shared interests. 

For those that would like to work with me and want to find out more about what I can offer... get in touch and let's have a conversation.

My prices are based on a flexible scale linked to your own income.


I like to be able to offer access to my skills to as many people as possible. 

I also feel it is important for me to charge a rate that reflects the effort and time I have invested in developing my skills.

I trust you are doing well and that you continue to grow into your full and mature, confident self.

Take care, Mark. 

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