Becoming Self Employed

Don't DIY alone


How do you feel about being or becoming self employed?

If you could do with someone to talk through how your plans are going, give me a call. I offer a free 30 minute consultation. If you decide that it might be useful to work with me then we can arrange how to get that done. 

I understand that not everyone can afford to pay large amounts for business support so have a flexible approach to pricing, give me a shout if you want to know more.

Having spent most of my life in self employment I understand many of the positive and negative feelings associated with working for myself in a small business, sometimes with partners and employees and sometimes just on my own.

I made this choice at the age of 20. I was curious about how it might feel to take full control of the environment I worked in, the people I worked with and the quality of work I could produce.

I learned early on that no one person has all the skills required to manage and run a business. I have never met anyone who is naturally inclined to designing and developing a product or service, communicating and marketing and planning the finances and legal side of the business... that person does not exist. 

If you go to business school you will be taught that different people join different parts of the business, marketing, finance, human resources, management... any other path tends towards the mantra... do it all by yourself!
The truth is no one does it all by themselves... not without difficulty and eventual burn out. 


I am trained to help people recognise what skills they have, where these are best put to use and what skills they need from others to complete the team. This training was based on the idea that there are three basic skills needed by every project, design and delivery, communications and planning. Which one of these role suits you best? Who do you know who has either of the other two skills? 

I always struggled with the connotations of the word business... it sounded too impersonal.
Although technically I have run several businesses I never thought of myself as a business person. I preferred the idea that I was creating a community.

In this community there were lots of people and we all got along well, all focussed on doing what we loved to do and all felt that there was more to life than working purely just to pay the rent. 

In these communities there were always challenges and also celebrations... and I like to think that those who took part learned something about themselves, generated an income, became more self aware and lived their lives with integrity and honesty. 


My working life has taught me so much about how to look after myself while sharing my skills with others and supporting those who relied upon me towards a positive shared goal. I have always done what I love to do, and sometimes people have paid me for this.

I am not sure if this was a feature of luck or whether I had something special that enabled me to generate an income doing what I love to do. 

These days my Mark This community includes a wide variety of people and groups... and we all have something in common. We all want to challenge the status quo. We all want to develop ourselves as individuals and we want to support others in our communities in the widest sense to develop along side us. 

So if you are interested in generating an income while maintaining your integrity and contributing something meaningful to your community, get in touch and we can work out whether you could use my skills and I could enjoy working with you and your project. 

For more information about my self employment coaching or to book a free 30 minute consultation check my contacts page.