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What is Coaching?

Coaching offers you a space to work through any changes you would like to make around the ways you live… communicate… play… work… and create.

The theories that my work is based upon are many... sometime complex... and not easy to summarise... I'll aim to keep this as clear as possible... I hope you may find it useful.

Coaching over the last couple of decades has changed a lot. 

The book that initiated the change in modern coaching… from winning at sport… towards gaining self awareness and confidence… is called The Inner Game of Tennis… written by Timothy Gallway.

It had a big impact on me when I first read it years ago… and many of the ideas and principles in this book… still have an impact on the ways I work.

.. and live.

These lines from the books last few pages give a flavour of what my coaching is based upon;

“… the art of concentration is basically the art of experiencing ever more fully whatever is in the here and now for you. 

[The Inner Game]… is something real and changeless; its beauty and its value have no limits.

It’s the origin of every experience we have ever had of love, truth or beauty.”

My coaching offers you the space to consider your conceptual self awareness… the ways you think... moving from there into... your embodied self awareness… the ways you feel... and align both towards being present with whatever shows up for you. 

Within this space we create together… lies your true self… the self that knows what you need… and is willing to learn how to meet your needs... with compassion… for yourself… and for those around you.

I have used a coach at points in my life where I felt there was a big decision to be made… or when I was struggling to find emotional balance around how I felt about a difficult situation.

Those coaches didn’t tell me what to do… how to solve my uncertainty… they did offer useful reflections that bought me out of the stories I was telling myself… back the story teller… back to myself.

They encouraged me to experiment and feel my way into what fit best with who I am… and from there… the answers I needed… evolved organically.

I imagine that in the past we lived in communities where we were well known… lived in tribes and extended families... had grown up surrounded by many others who cared about us and for us.

We would have worked out who to go to when we needed someone to listen to us… allowing us the space to consider our options… to inhabit our deeper feelings… to show our emotions… and I guess in the modern world we no longer have those sorts of communities.

I trust that some of my work helps create communities based upon mutual respect and love… I believe that is possible… I wish for me and my own community... and you and your own community... to live in respect and love together. Thanks for bearing with me while I work out how to describe what my coaching offers... and realise that it is not easy to pin down... so book a free short call with me... if you feel that may help you understand how we may be able to work together.

Meanwhile... take care... maybe even find your self a copy of the Inner Game?

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