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Somatic Coaching Training

I recently started a somatic coaching training course with the Somatic School which is based in London.

This training takes around six months and involves several full weekends... a variety of back up practice sessions... webinars... a reading list... and finding several people to practice with.

At the end of this training... assuming I have completed all the modules and practice work effectively... I will be an accredited somatic body oriented coach... with the International Coaching Federation ... and will be six months older.

I am looking for people to practice with for my course.

If you are interested in somatic coaching and happy to work with me for a session (max 1 hour) or a few sessions... get in touch and we can talk through what that might look like.

The way these plants navigate the territory they all live and thrive in... makes me feel that we could learn about supporting the environments that we form communities in from plants like these... I like the ways they move too... and how they look.

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