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Quantum realities… feeling your way through life.

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

You are always in formation.

This universe seems to operate as something that unfolds… into stars… into planets… moons… and at least once… into humans.

You and me became… as a result of all those interactions that have occurred since the Big Bang.

For lots of human time… the basics of life has been assumed to be matter… stuff… and philosophers and scientists generally agreed that it is matter… that matters… that builds everything we know and see.

In more recent times… quantum mechanics… and quantum field theory… suggests that the basic building blocks of us… the universe… of reality… is information.

Information rather than matter is what we emerge from… and on a quantum level… the exchange of this information is creative.

This sits easily with my intuition and understanding.

That my body absorbs… processes and stores information… feels right for me… as in… I understand it via the senses that I feel within my body.

From the first breath I took… my senses told me what was safe… was was a threat… and I felt into what I needed… found ways to express my needs… and changed my behaviour in order to stay safe and get my needs met.

Being socialised into a world that often discourages expressing feelings… or expecting to have our needs met… has led us away from our physical sensations… and promoted our thinking brains as being the superior… or even the only source of reliable information.

Our whole education systems are built from the perspective of rational thinking and cerebral reasoning… with the philosopher and mathematician Renee Descartes coining the term… I think therefore I am… pretty much kicking off the whole modern brain based gig that we still live within now.

Maybe the information held within my body… learned from real life experience… used to shape my very personality… would be viewed as having more credibility and use if we took the lead from the quantum fields theories… and at least acknowledged that without feelings… we really don’t exist… in any full sense.

Unlearning the brain first conditioning… then tapping into my felt senses… trusting and encouraging an ability to listen with compassionate curousity… to what my senses… feelings… and emotions are always offering… rather than shouting them down or denying them… opens up a new opportunity to become fully human… to engage with a reality that offers much more than rationale and reason.

I understand the fear that we as a species may have of our feelings… as they can lead to overwhelm and reactions without responsibility… which is why I make conscious choices to practice what I like to call somatic wisdom… sometimes also known as embodied self awareness.

There are many examples of somatic wisdom… I felt this when I first came across the ideas found in Taoist philosophy and practices... and a little later yogic teachings. Which is why I incorporate qi gong… tai chi… and yoga in my own somatic wisdom practices, work and my offerings in groups and one to one.

For more on quantum realities its worth having a look at the work and ideas of Vlatko Vedral who is a professor of physics at Oxford university and writes books about quantum theory including one called Decoding Reality.

I like the idea that entanglement of quanta can be related to the ways that we humans engage in forming relationships with each other and with nature.

So next time you are working your way through difficult decisions or struggling to manage your relationships with other… at work or at home… consider relearning how to listen to the information held within your body.

Not always easy to do… and in my somatic experience… an essential tool in the aim to live a free and meaningful life.

Thanks for joining me on this journey through making the shift from thinking to feeling… and please share any thoughts… or better still… any feelings that you noticed in response to my sharing this.

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