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Personal Growth and Creative Thinking

Updated: Apr 11

A few years ago I set up a series of weekly group sessions and called this group Newcastle Personal Growth and Creative Thinking. Over a couple of years I hosted around sixty 90 minute sessions and really enjoyed the challenge, the results and meeting lots of great people from a variety of backgrounds and countries. I stopped hosting these groups late 2016 as my Mother was struggling to maintain her independence and was eventually diagnosed with vascular dementia. After trying to help her accept that she needed to have carers visiting on a daily basis... and failing in that aim... I found a good care home a couple of miles away from my home. I spent much of the following year visiting her two or three times a week and bought her back to mine as often as possible. However the toll this took on my emotional and physical energy meant I was not able to devote the same time to my work as it required. Therefore I gave up running the PG&CT groups sessions. My Mother died last year and I have reviewed the way I work and made the decision to only commit to the work that gives me the most meaning and pleasure... hence these new PG&CT sessions. I had forgotten how much preparation they take... but not how much they give me... so after spending a few weeks setting out the session plans and format... booking a good space to host them... and preparing the marketing approach... here they are... go take a look; This used to be a link to my group work... however, I stopped doing these groups over a year ago... am thinking of re-establishing them when I can... meanwhile give me a shout if you feel you would like to know more about my group work.

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