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me and my Masculinity Mens Group

Me and My Masculinity - Mens Group hosts sharing circles and conversations around how we men relate to and express our masculinity.

As a male you are invited to join in… contribute and help us shape… regular facilitated circle sessions and conversations in a respectful and person centred community mens group.

Use this link to sign up and book a place on the next group session... Me and My Masculinity - Mens Group 

In a 90 minute facilitated session we are all invited to contribute our thoughts… feelings and questions to this conversation… drawing on your own experiences of being and becoming an adult man in this modern community.

The numbers in each group session are limited so that everyone gets the space to be seen and heard.

No one has to share… you are welcome to join us and choose to only observe… if that is what you suits you best.

As well as open invites to share in a circle whatever comes up for you on the day… we may also look at some of the conversations emerging from the feminist communities… and may use these as topics to work with. 

Recently the writer and womens right activist… bell hooks died… leaving behind a wealth of research and writing around how we may all live in a sharing and caring way.

She also offers insights on how we men can find positive ways to relate to our own feelings… needs… and relationships with those in our lives who we care about and love.

If you have your own examples of activists... writers and topics that you would like to offer… you are welcome to share these with the group.

The aim of these sessions is to investigate and develop ways of expanding how we communicate… tapping into somatic work… non violent communication… and break through the conditioning we are all exposed to as males living in this modern dominance culture.

I am also creating an online community where we can continue the conversations we take up in the facilitated sessions.

Please get in touch if you feel towards... and are aware of… the need for us men to create responses to gender inequality and negative male behaviours in our communities.

Use this link to sign up and book a place on the next group session... Me and My Masculinity - Mens Group

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