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Updated: Apr 11

When I am asked to describe my work... it can be a struggle to do that. The way my work practice has developed is based upon several theories, each drawn from a variety of practical and academic disciplines. It also incorporates my understanding of Taoism and other shamanic relationships with nature and the nature of being human. In order to understand what I do and how I do it, it would be necessary to delve into each of those theories and then untangle my relationship with the Tao and other esoteric and ancient philosophies. I am sure you have other things to do... and so do I. When I meet people who have asked me to support them, I start by asking for information, often something like;

"What are you currently doing that is not working and how would you like that to change."

Except it is not that formal or ever really formulaic.

I initiate a conversation and allow the person I am working with to spend some time describing where they are currently so that I can get to see what is going on for them and also how they choose to describe their current reality. Invariably this conversation develops into a dialogue around current experince, patterns, feelings, hopes and fears. My aim is to reflect back, as objectively as is humanly possible, what I notice about the way the person I am with organises their experience and describes their hopes, plans and expectations. I do not make judgements on this, and do my best to not interfere or advise.

Most people know already what they want and how best to achieve that, but life has a tendency to push us off course when pursuing our path. Once we have had this conversation, each relationship takes a unique and person specific course.

Along the way and between us, we develop an understanding around what change is possible and how that change may enable development and growth with meaning and confidence. I could not say that satisfaction is guaranteed, as I am not sure it ever is. I could say that those who I have worked with have commented that they feel more able to do what they want to do and that they have developed ways of self management that they previously didn't know they had. I know there is progress when someone says something along the lines of;

" I have never thought of it like that before." Or;

" I feel now that I have a different perspective."


"Ahhh." From here it is up to those I work with to decide what happens next. Some individuals and groups have worked with me as part of their team for a couple of months, others for a couple of years. Some dip in and out as they feel the need to. I once paid an SEO specialist to help me develop my online marketing approach. After a couple sessions she said;

"The problem is Mark, those who need what you can offer really don't know that they need this.

It is not possible to do this in google ad words!

I am not sure I can help you reach new clients through the usual marketing strategies." I realise that the way people find me and recognise a need for what I can offer is through meeting me and/or through knowing others that I have worked with. So if we could count the blurb on this post as us meeting each other and you have a vague or pressing need for some self review generated change or transition, get in touch and we can spend 30 minutes working out whether what I offer may be useful for you. There is no charge for an initial consultation. I charge £50 per session and also offer a few subsidised sessions each month that aim to enable as many people as possible, from a wide range of backgrounds and incomes to access my support.

This is partly because I am an empathic soul... partly because I understand what it is like to be skint sometimes... and also because it makes my work much more interesting and fulfilling. Thanks for reading this far, take care and stay well.

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