Me and My Masculinity

Me and My Masculinity is a group for Men and aims to provide a safe space where we can investigate how we feel about the ways we express our masculinity.

We are looking for ways to manage our interpersonal relationships in positive directions. This may be with friends, family, work colleagues and/or our intimate partners... of any or no gender.

The group aims to work out how our cultural and environmental background has impacted on our understanding of what it is to be a man.

What expectations do we have of ourselves and is this a blessing or a curse? 

We will use some of the feminist literature that we feel has value and sets up a challenge to us men to change and develop.  

Our aim is to build self awareness into the ways we make decisions and the ways we behave. We will focus on positive ways to make changes and develop relationships... the outcome for this group will be confident and relaxed men who are working to end the current top down patriarchy by offering positive alternatives. 

If you would like to find out more or sign up for this group. Join for free and look for our group there... or follow this link;

Me and My Masculinity on Meetup

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