Personal Growth and Creative Thinking


I host group sessions in Newcastle.

"Because of the time we shared last week in the group, I 've reached out to xxxx in a new way. 
And since this pain has hit our family, he has changed his attitude towards me.

I am using the tools we shared last week to keep this open, caring dialect going with him.

The walls are down. We're being vulnerable. And we're being respectful. This is huge.

Please share this with the group if I am not there next week. 
Let them know I am buying into this way of communicating and I feel it's power.

Sharing my feelings ... it's getting me positive places."

Feedback from one of our group members who came along to one of our sessions recently and has been to several in the past. She asked me to share this as she felt it might help others decide to come along and access tools for change.

These groups are based around our own personal growth and creative thinking.

Each group session lasts for 90 minutes and you are welcome to come along to one, several or all of them. 

I host the groups through the Meetup website... see more here; Personal Growth and Creative Thinking