Community Led Housing Project

I am currently working with a housing group and we are planning to set up and build a community led housing project.

The concept of community led housing (CLH) is designed to enable any group to create and run their own housing project.


There is currently funding to support any eligible group to put together a proposal and then to see through their plan. We have secured that funding. 

Each CLH project is different but shares a common aim and works on principles and values around how they want to live.

Our project aims to provide living spaces for around 12 people. Each person will have their own living space and there may be some shared space too. This may include a shared entrance lobby a laundry and cycle parking. There will also be studio workspace in the building too. This means that creatives can live and work in the same space for a very affordable price. 

The details of the final plan will be decided by those who join our group as members. These members will form a group based on an agreed format and eventually those who live in the building will make decisions around how the building is managed on an agreed process. 

Each member/tenant will pay an affordable rent that will be set as low as possible. Using these rents the group will pay off the mortgage on the building and as they progress they will decide  how much they want to reinvest in the building. 

This project aims to provide affordable living and working spaces for creative people drawn from our local community. They will be very actively involved in designing and creating the building with support from a facilitator and a team of professionals such as surveyors, architects and builders.

The building will be a regenerative project and aims to operate within the principles of the circular economy model. The building will be carbon neutral and all materials used will be recycled and/or locally sourced. 


My commitment to this project comes from my belief that a community is best when all those involved feel that they have the right to make decisions and to have access to what they need to live well.


I feel that the current model of community based upon private ownership and individual material wellbeing, regardless of the cost to the wider community, is unsustainable and dehumanises most of those who help create that community.


If you would like to find out more about what we are doing and how we access the funding and support that we need, I am happy to share my experience. Info here; Contacts.