Personal Growth and Creative Thinking

The personal growth and creative thinking group is all about making changes in the way we live our lives.


We work around simple exercises and activities designed to promote self awareness and creative ways to express ourselves and use our skills.


Within this group we provide a safe and confidential space where ideas, thoughts and feelings are expressed without fear of judgement.

We work on the principles of unconditional positive regard. We do not always have agree on everything, but we respect ourselves and each other and wish well for all.

Join this group if you have an interest in becoming more self aware and through this more able to make sustainable and sensible life choices regardless of your background or experience.

We meet once a week and each session lasts for 90 minutes.

The sessions run in a short season of five sessions per season. You may come along to one or several sessions and although each is a stand alone session with no necessity for previous knowledge of the way we work, many people find it useful to build their skills by attending all five sessions of a season. This is always your choice though.

The only commitment we ask is that you agree to our two core conditions of mutual respect and confidentiality... don't share the stories of others in the group outside the sessions.
I look forwards to meeting you.

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