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Somatic Coaching - Life Coaching
& Creative Facilitation


Hi Welcome to my website.

I work as a coach and support people who are looking to change something in the ways they live.


This often includes one or more of the following;

Creating an income… Managing relationships… Responding to challenges.

My role is to support you while noticing the ways you live right now.


I offer one to one and groups sessions... see here for current group sessions;
Somatic Wisdom groups.

Recognising and sharing what is going well for you… and what is not…

is always the first step towards making changes.

I will invite you to gently access the feelings and emotions

as you notice what ever shows up while you acknowledge

where you are at this point in life. 


My coaching aims to help you create a meaningful and fun life being who you are.

Supporting you to live the life you would wish for… building your confidence and ability...

to make healthy... conscious... independent choices in your life.

Having done decades of training… reading… study and practice…

I use several coaching and therapeutic models… check the work tab in the menu.

For info on my pay what you can pricing scale… see here;
Pricing plans.


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