Hi my name is Mark, welcome to my website

My work as a somatic coach and facilitator

is described within this site.

The services I offer revolve around supporting

you to make changes in your life.


Somatic coaching practice provides insight into how you

can make independent life choices and live in ways that

create positive outcomes... for yourself and the people you work, live and love with.

As your coach, my role supports you to manage your life transitions

in ways that you feel safe and comfortable with.

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Somatic Coaching - Life Coaching
& Creative Facilitation
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Around ten years ago I wrote a book,

The Thisness of This

and asked an old friend if he would read a draft and offer me feedback.

He did give me feedback, that I put to into practice.

He also passed on this... as a forward for the book;

"I'm delighted to see this book available.

I've been friends with Mark for almost 20 years and he is one of the

most genuine, authentically kind and caring people you could meet.

He's also clear, concise and incisive, knows his subject and puts it across eloquently."

The Barefoot Doctor (Stephen Russell).

Newcastle Upon Tyne



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