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Somatic Wisdom - Be The Change

System Change
Non Violent Direct Action and


Hi, welcome to my website. 

I use this site to share what I get up to now that I am retired and no longer need to generate an income. 


My focus since I left school and started working for a living, has been based around ways we imagine, create and build communities that reject the principles and practices of the current capitalist, colonialist culture that has emerged over the last few centuries. 


Communities built upon principles of mutual respect for all the life that exists on this beautiful planet, for me, offer much greater rewards than the current individualised, dominance culture does. 


So, my attention, energy, time and support is directed towards peoples and groups that I notice are working towards calling out global injustice, while developing new ways ( often tapping into ancient, indigenous wisdom traditions ), to create conversations and actions that offer us all futures based upon equality and inclusivity.

I am still offering my skills as a somatic coach and facilitator to individuals and groups who feel a resonance with my approach to ending this dominance culture, while creating community, supporting each other in those actions, managing our own emotional self regulation, developing healthy and productive relationships with ourselves and others, and promoting system change.

I no longer need to charge a fee for this work as I can cover my living costs with my pension.


For anyone who might feel uncomfortable working with me without offering any payment, I am happy for you to offer something to any group you support and share what we discovered by working together if you wish.

Always without any pressure to share that with me, it’s always your shout. 


Feel free to check more of the info here in this site, and get in touch if you are curious about the work I do and the ways we can all learn from each other to return to, and become, relaxed confident adults and generous stewards within our own communities. 


Meanwhile, best wishes and thanks for checking in here, Mark.      


Mark This Text.png
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