Stepping back for a bigger picture


Hi, welcome to my website.

My life and work is based around my belief that as humans we gain most by being present, honest and open to opportunities for growth.

Growth in our modern world has come to mean an increase in material well being.

For me growth is about increasing the quality of my connection to nature, self, other and community.

When I manage these connections well, I feel strong, safe and supported.

Since I was in my teens I have been an advocate for social justice.


Much of this has involved working in community based projects and by adding my voice to groups who actively call for better ways to care for ourselves and our environment.

The community work that resonates with me offers alternative ways to be and to creates new ways to communicate. 

My individual and community work is based upon non violent communication, consensus and inclusivity.

When I look around me at the ways we manage ourselves and our planet, it makes me sad and in the past made me angry.

To deal with those difficult feelings I go off into an imagined world that starts with the question;

"What would a better community look like and feel like for me?"

Finding answers to this question creates a clear picture of how communities could be.

There are models across the world of better ways to manage our relationships with nature, self and others and I have trained extensively with people working together in these models.

My contribution to my local and global community is to offer somatic coaching and creative facilitation to individuals and groups who, like me, are looking for ways to be fully present as caring and compassionate humans.

All the meaningful activities I have engaged with throughout my long life have begun with a conversation.

If you share my passion for social justice and a sustainable approach to managing the earth's resources, get in touch and we can start a conversation around how I may be able to support you to develop your dreams, aims and goals.