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Supporting Activists - Be The Change

Advocating for System Change


Word to self, keep it simple Mark, cut to the chase, tell em what you do;
Ok, I offer support to people who struggle to regulate their emotional energy.
I don’t need to take payment for doing this. It’s up to you how you pay it forward.


Struggling to manage my own emotional energy might stop me from taking part in things I feel are important to take part in, things like, relationships, socialising, protests for human rights, speaking up for a climate secure safer future, expressing my true self in ways that feel good to me but may bring me grief, aggression and bullying.

I have been lucky finding people who helped me manage my own emotional energy so that I no longer get so overwhelmed when I see injustice, feel hurt and notice others being hurt just because they chose different paths to the mainstream cultural pressures to conform, consume and compete.
Those wonderful people have come from many directions and approaches, I am grateful for all the support they offered me, even those people who didn’t know that by seeing and hearing me as I am, that gave me support and strength.   


Working with people who are learning to regulate and manage their own emotional energy, this is my work, and has been for many years, but I no longer need to generate an income as I have a pension that pays for my living costs, so I don’t expect the people I work with to pay me.

If they feel better offering something, I might suggest they give some of their time, or attention, or money, to someone who might find that useful. Give a coin to someone begging on the street if you wish, or set up a regular payment to a climate change campaign group or a women’s refuge centre or a rape support group.
Or, just ring a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while, ask them how they are and allow them space to share where they are at. This is often the best gift we can offer anyone.

I don’t need to know whether you do any of these or none, it’s entirely up to you.

Some of my current volunteer work is with the charities Body and Soul in Islington, and with Beyond Equality.
They both do wonderful, meaningful and important work, I’m proud to be a small part of their teams.

I also contribute my time and energy to a few of the climate change protest groups, recently with JSO XR and Fossil Free London.

If you feel there is stuff here in my website that catches your attention and want to find out more about what I do, give me a shout, best way to do that is by dropping me a message via text, WhatsApp, Signal or call me on 07765272759.

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