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Hi, my name is Mark, welcome to my Mark This website.


I work as a self employment coach, a facilitator and do what I do as it gives me great satisfaction to see others develop and grow. I want to live in a community based upon mutual respect and compassion. My work aims to bring this about... in however small a way.  

As well as my facilitation and self employment coaching work, I am currently running Personal Growth and Creative Thinking group sessions in Newcastle upon Tyne. Details here; 


I work with people, people who want change


That may be change to the way they generate an income, to the way they create, the way they live, or the way they relate to themselves and others. 

I offer a person centred approach to creative thinking exercises, listening and reflecting that aims for change through increased awareness.

If you feel that you have changes to make to your life, or if you are part of a group in need of support to make changes, get in touch. 

I am happy to offer a free 30 minute initial consultation. Following this we can both decide whether it may be useful to work together. 

For more info on my work give me a call, see Contact page.

Thanks for dropping in, Mark.