Balance is one of those things that is difficult to describe, unless that is, you have an even understanding of your expectation and your ability to deliver. When these are aligned we can say we have a kind of balance and when this happens we seem to let go of tension. When any thing or situation is balanced, it is stable without tension. When I lose my balance… ouch!


My work is about allowing someone to find the balance they require to complete a task they have identified as important to them. For someone this may be putting a football in the back of a net or for others it may be setting up a series of activities that they truly believe will make the world a better place to live and bring up our children.


To maintain my balance I find it helpful to have people around me who I can trust will allow me to think out loud with them. Occasionally I might be challenged to clarify my thinking and this is welcomed (usually!). But when I am struggling to maintain my balance there are certain things I can do to help me regain it. Eventually it always comes round to taking a step back and contemplating a bigger picture and then letting go of any attachment to an outcome.

Next time you find yourself out of balance, try thinking out loud with someone who will listen to you without judging or telling you what they would do.


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